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Meet Genesis.

We are in the business of making great matches. We match talented professionals with great companies, we love what we do. 

gen·e·sis  –  noun
creation, origin, first, source, emergence, or beginning 

About Us

Since 2000 Genesis has been a staffing services supplier to Fortune 500, Middle Market and Independent companies throughout North America. For over two decades we have delivered to our Employer Clients and Job Seekers high ethical standards with professionalism, personal and reliable service. Breathing new life into business with talent solutions.

Genesis’ Core Business is talent solutions for Project Management, Accounting & Finance, Technology IT/IS, Office Administrative & Clerical, Human Resources, Engineering, Creative Marketing Professionals on a Project Consulting and Direct Hire basis.


We think differently. At Genesis our approach to business and people is the golden rule. We treat our Employer Clients, Consultants and our Employees as we would like to be treated. We put people, ethics and respect for others first. Our corporate culture and how we treat the people we work for and with produces amazing work product results that has kept our Employer Clients and Job Seekers coming back for over 20 years.

Collaboration with the best in technology and digital talent information, we provide hands on solutions to our Employer Clients and Consultants, which help them thrive and succeed in their business and careers respectively.

Our daily pursuit is to make the absolute best matches of our on-market Talent with our best Employer Clients. We treat your business and career like they are our business and careers because they are.


Genesis was founded in the Winter of 2000 by two ambitious entrepreneurs. The company began as a small direct hire staffing business in Southern California. After over two decades, the company has grown and expanded nationally servicing some of the best and largest companies on the planet. Genesis has stayed true to its core values and fundamentals, treating people the way we ourselves would want to be treated, that’s the golden rule.   


Our vision is to continue expanding our market share within North America, moving quickly into International markets meeting demand as a talent solutions, advisory services and human resources provider.

Our mission is to serve our local, State and National communities by providing outstanding job resources that help take care of families and grow businesses. We believe we are a city set on a hill shining the light of good business ethics and integrity doing good by and for people. We are determined to continue leading by example showing that Talent Solutions Providers can thrive, succeed and prosper while treating our Employer Clients, Job Seekers and Employees like we would like to be treated; well. This too is possible.

Technology and AI

Genesis delivers much more than just algorithms and resumes. Our expert staffing solutions specialists provide you with personal professional service with cutting edge (AI) artificial intelligence technology coupled with our over two decades of placement experience. We harness the power of modern technology and AI, which allows for us as a business to navigate the rapidly developing world of search and talent solutions. We are ever mindful of individual privacy and big data integrity continuing to refine our approaches as the AI technology develops in accordance with State and Federal laws and regulations.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion are not just a catch phrase, but is literally who we are. Take a closer look at how we are cultivating a positive workplace and workforce of equality. Genesis’ commitment to our Employees, Employer Clients and Consultants out working have never been more relevant in our society and workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion are the ways we add value, attract, develop and inspire Talent. Diversity unleashes innovations, productivity and creativity which allows people to perform at their optimal best. Everyone feels they have an equal chance of achieving their career goals and opportunities to advance regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity and disability.

Genesis’ strives to ensure that all of our Employees and Consultants out working are compensated fairly and equitably without any prejudice. If ever there is a disparity for any of our Employees or Consultants we investigate the issues and fix it promptly.

Genesis is committed to the local and federal government laws, regulations and business practices which must uphold the principles and ethics of quality for all. No one should ever be discriminated against simply because of their differences such as ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religion, gender identity and expression or sexual orientation.

While laws or ordinances may vary from State to State where Genesis does business, we remain resolved to a diverse and inclusive workplace for all. 

Equal Opportunity Employer

Genesis Management Consulting Global, Inc. as a company policy provides equal employment opportunities in hiring, compensation, promotion, relocation, transfer and all other related employment decisions. All qualified job seekers, applicants and employees are extended opportunities regardless of a persons race, color, religion, heritage ancestry, gender, pregnancy, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, national origin, citizenship or immigration status, veteran or military status, or any other protected status under applicable State and Federal US laws. Genesis will not make any posting electronic or print or make any employment decision not compliant with applicable State and Federal US laws relating to employment and labor, equal opportunity, or employment eligibility requirements. Genesis does not require US citizenship or legal permanent residency in the United States as a prerequisite condition of employment except as required and necessary to be in compliance with Local, State or Federal law or government contract, regulation or executive order.

We match skilled professionals across a wide range of specializations

Project Management
Creative & Marketing
Accounting Finance
Technology IT/IS
Office, Administrative & Clerical
Human Resources

Industries we serve...

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