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Winning with diversity

Diversity & Inclusion are not just a catch phrase but is literally who we are. Take a closer look at how we are cultivating a positive workplace and workforce of equality. Genesis’ commitment to our Employees, Employer Clients and out-work Consultants have never been more relevant in our society and workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion are the ways we add value, attract, develop and inspire Talent. Diversity unleashes innovations, productivity and creativity which allows people to perform at their optimal best. Everyone feels they have an equal chance of achieving their career goals and opportunities to advance regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, disabilities.

Genesis strives to ensure that all of our Employees and out-working Consultants are compensated fairly and equitably without any prejudice. If ever there is a disparity for any of our Employees or Consultants we investigate the issues and fix it promptly.

Genesis is committed to the local and federal government laws, regulations and business practices must uphold the principles and ethics of quality for all and that no one should ever be discriminated against simply because of their differences such as ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religion, gender identity and expression or sexual orientation.

While laws or ordinances may vary from State to State where Genesis does business, we remain resolved to a diverse and inclusive workplace for all.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Genesis Management Consulting Global, Inc. as a company policy provides equal employment opportunities in hiring, compensation, promotion, relocation, transfer and all other related employment decisions. All qualified job seekers, applicants and employees are extended opportunities regardless of a persons race, color, religion, heritage ancestry, gender, pregnancy, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, national origin, citizenship or immigration status, veteran or military status, or any other protected status under applicable State and Federal US laws. Genesis will not make any posting electronic or print or make any employment decision not compliant with applicable State and Federal US laws relating to employment and labor, equal opportunity, or employment eligibility requirements. Genesis does not require US citizenship or legal permanent residency in the United States as a prerequisite condition of employment except as required and necessary to be in compliance with Local, State or Federal law or government contract, regulation or executive order.

Genesis utilizes the Department of Homeland Security your rights are protected under US Federal Employment Law.

If you are a professional qualified person with a disability requiring special assistance and or accommodations to use our website, please connect with us by phone at 1.800.995.5918 or by email at

Business Ethics

We are guided in doing business by a principled code of ethics which leads how we interact with our Employer Clients, Job Seekers, Project Consultants, Internal Employees and Vendor Suppliers. In the case of misconduct or abuse violating this code allows for proper reporting guidelines.

In a challenging and competitive business environment holding true to integrity and a business philosophy centered around treating others the way we would like to be treated, has remained central to our core corporate culture for over two decades.

At Genesis, we believe firmly that the pride of hard work and earned pay can help elevate the people we help find fulfilling jobs which also helps the communities they live in. We partner with some of the best companies throughout North America helping them thrive and excel by providing excellent professional talent that they require to grow and expand.

Our commitment to the golden rule in business ethics and integrity keeps our Employer Clients, Project Consultants, Employees and new Job Seekers returning year after year. We love what we do, and we love the people that we work for and with. It’s the Genesis way and will always be. 

Corporate Responsibility

Paying it forward describes how we work at Genesis, it’s how we give back to our communities and our World. At Genesis we are passionate about touching peoples lives through good honest work, help workshops, sharing workplace knowledge and serving our communities.

The internal drive that we foster in our corporate culture which propels great matched Job Seekers to our best Employer Clients also drives us to give back and help the communities where we work. We as a company yearly seek out opportunities to make a positive impact on our World by giving and sharing our expertise, energy, time and resources with those who need it. This type of outward expression is who we are and how we give back corporately as a team or through the selfless acts of one.


Suspect Fraud

If you are suspicious of any communications that you feel are originating from Genesis by phone, email, text or social media, please take the appropriate precautions and protect your privacy swiftly. Please be advised that Genesis and its Employees or Agents will never require any type of consideration such as money in the form of fees, will not ask you to make advancement of checks or debit card payments, request checks to be cashed from any outside vendor or supplier or request you make any type of investment in services or products. Genesis and its Employees or Agents will not request or require personal information from you such as banking PIN’s, credit or debit card number either by phone, email, text or social media.

Please protect your privacy and information at all times. If you ever receive request that you believe are fraudulently coming from Genesis like the one described in the above paragraph, please contact us right away and do not provide any additional information.

If fraud is suspected please contact us directly and speak to an on staff Supervisor, Manager or you can contact one of our Department of Fraud and Assurance prevention specialists at By contacting us quickly we can help try to protect your privacy while connecting you with the proper local Authorities.

Government Authority Resources
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